with love from london to kl

Hey Fashionistas,

We're two sisters (Sis 1 aka resident buyer in London & Sis 2 aka fashion coordinator in PJ) bringing you chic London styles at to-die-for prices.

We only offer brand new items from selected London / UK brands and do not skimp on quality. We absolutely love all our goodies displayed here and we hope you do too!

Enjoy browsing & shop till you drop!!

with love, lilmisslondon xoxo


Dec 31, 2009


Yeah we're talking to you..all you Queens of Chic :)
lilmisslondon is open for business!!
We only have 1 or 2 pieces of each item so if you see something you like, HURRY & email us at lilmisslondon@gmail.com !!!

Red & Black Tartan Dress 
(Code: 0048) 
Brand: New Look 
Size: S (Bust: 33", Waist: 26.5")
RM 42


Black & White Sundress 
(Code: 0031)
Brand: BooHoo
Size: UK10
RM 59

One Shoulder Pink Flower Dress 
 (Code: 0034)
Brand: BooHoo
Size: UK10 (Bust: 32", Length: 36")
RM 66

Purple Snake Bandeau Dress 
(Code: 0100/0101/0119)
Brand: Dorothy Perkins
UK8 (Bust: 33", Waist: 25.5")
UK10 (Bust: 33.5", Waist: 27.5")
RM 69


 V-Neck Sleeveless Beaded Magenta Tunic 
(Code: 0096)
Brand: Quiz
Size: UK8 (Bust: 33.5", Length: 29")
RM 39

Black Peplum Dress with Belt 
(Code: 0030)
Brand: BooHoo
Size: UK10 (Bust: 32", Waist: 26")
RM 70

2 in 1 Tunic
(Code: 0106/0107/0108/0120/0121)
Brand: Dorothy Perkins
Colour: Red & Black
Available size: UK8, UK10

Colour: Purple & Black
Available size: UK8, UK10, UK12

RM 42

Kimono Print Tunic 
(Code: 0008)
Comes with black innerwear 
Brand: A|Wear
Size: UK8 (Bust: 33", Waist: 27.5")
RM 55



One Shoulder Black Satin Dress with Tri-Coloured Waist 
(Code: 0035/0036)
Brand: BooHoo
UK8 (Bust: 31", Waist: 25")
UK10 (Bust: 32", Waist: 26")
RM 74


Asymmetric Purple/Black Stripe Dress 
(Code: 0122)
Brand: Dorothy Perkins
Size: UK12 (Bust: 36.5", Length: 34")
RM 46

Pink Bustier Flower Dress 
(Code: 0042/0043)
Brand: BooHoo
Size: UK10 (Bust: 32", Waist: 26")
RM 69


Pink Flower Print Tunic  
(Code: 0046/0047)
Blue (SOLD)
Brand: New Look
Size: Fits S/M (Length: 28.5")
RM 39

Colourful Floral Dress (SOLD)
(Code: 0045)
Brand: New Look
Size: S
RM 72