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Hey Fashionistas,

We're two sisters (Sis 1 aka resident buyer in London & Sis 2 aka fashion coordinator in PJ) bringing you chic London styles at to-die-for prices.

We only offer brand new items from selected London / UK brands and do not skimp on quality. We absolutely love all our goodies displayed here and we hope you do too!

Enjoy browsing & shop till you drop!!

with love, lilmisslondon xoxo


Dec 31, 2009


Yeah we're talking to you..all you Queens of Chic :)
lilmisslondon is open for business!!
We only have 1 or 2 pieces of each item so if you see something you like, HURRY & email us at lilmisslondon@gmail.com !!!

Red & Black Tartan Dress 
(Code: 0048) 
Brand: New Look 
Size: S (Bust: 33", Waist: 26.5")
RM 42


Black & White Sundress 
(Code: 0031)
Brand: BooHoo
Size: UK10
RM 59

One Shoulder Pink Flower Dress 
 (Code: 0034)
Brand: BooHoo
Size: UK10 (Bust: 32", Length: 36")
RM 66

Purple Snake Bandeau Dress 
(Code: 0100/0101/0119)
Brand: Dorothy Perkins
UK8 (Bust: 33", Waist: 25.5")
UK10 (Bust: 33.5", Waist: 27.5")
RM 69


 V-Neck Sleeveless Beaded Magenta Tunic 
(Code: 0096)
Brand: Quiz
Size: UK8 (Bust: 33.5", Length: 29")
RM 39

Black Peplum Dress with Belt 
(Code: 0030)
Brand: BooHoo
Size: UK10 (Bust: 32", Waist: 26")
RM 70

2 in 1 Tunic
(Code: 0106/0107/0108/0120/0121)
Brand: Dorothy Perkins
Colour: Red & Black
Available size: UK8, UK10

Colour: Purple & Black
Available size: UK8, UK10, UK12

RM 42

Kimono Print Tunic 
(Code: 0008)
Comes with black innerwear 
Brand: A|Wear
Size: UK8 (Bust: 33", Waist: 27.5")
RM 55



One Shoulder Black Satin Dress with Tri-Coloured Waist 
(Code: 0035/0036)
Brand: BooHoo
UK8 (Bust: 31", Waist: 25")
UK10 (Bust: 32", Waist: 26")
RM 74


Asymmetric Purple/Black Stripe Dress 
(Code: 0122)
Brand: Dorothy Perkins
Size: UK12 (Bust: 36.5", Length: 34")
RM 46

Pink Bustier Flower Dress 
(Code: 0042/0043)
Brand: BooHoo
Size: UK10 (Bust: 32", Waist: 26")
RM 69


Pink Flower Print Tunic  
(Code: 0046/0047)
Blue (SOLD)
Brand: New Look
Size: Fits S/M (Length: 28.5")
RM 39

Colourful Floral Dress (SOLD)
(Code: 0045)
Brand: New Look
Size: S
RM 72

Nov 19, 2009

Sneak Preview!!

**A sneak peek at  just a few of the goodies coming your way**
All these & more are currently on their way to KL and should arrive by early December..just in time for those Xmas and New Year parties :)
So, watch this spot!!

with love, lilmisslondon xoxo


Oct 8, 2009

introducing the brands

A little info on the UK brands we offer:

** A|Wear **

A high street brand which provides up-to-the-minute, trend-leading women's fashion. A|Wear clothes are regularly featured in fashion magazines like Marie Clair and have been worn by everyone from fashion magazine editors to pop stars. Kimberly Walsh from Girls Aloud has been spotted in an A|Wear floral dress.

Kimberly Walsh (Girls Aloud) in A|Wear floral dress

** boohoo **

A UK online clothing retailer that encapsulates the latest trends and offers the latest women's fashion. Boohoo embraces up-to-the-minute catwalk trends and have been featured in numerous UK magazines including Heat, Now and Look.

Boohoo magazine features

** Peacocks **

A leading UK fashion value retailer offering the right, on-trend fashion at unbeatable value by combining quality and style. Clever designer copycat styles have increased Peacocks appeal to fashionistas looking for the latest trends at more affordable prices. Their clothes have been featured in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire.

Peacocks magazine features

** New Look **

New Look has the latest fashion clothing for women. Their range includes the latest ladies' fashion and the current season's big trends. Both English model & TV presenter, Alexa Chung, as well as Ashley Tisdale of High School Muscial have modeled New Look clothing. Singer Lily Allen had also created a clothing line for New Look.

Alexa Chung wears New Look Flamingo Dress

Ashley Tisdale wears New Look Vibrant Stripe Top

** Primark **

Primark prides itself on providing up-to-the-minute fashion at affordable prices. Vogue has featured its pieces and footballer Wayne Rooney's girlfriend, Coleen McLoughlin has been spotted toting Primark bags. So has Alex Curran, the wife of footballer Steven Gerrard. UK model Jourdan Dunn was actually discovered in a Primark store.

Alex Curran toting a Primark shopping bag

** asos **

asos is the largest UK independent online fashion and beauty retailer. asos has won many awards including Cosmopolitan's Best Online Retailer 2009. They specialise in selling clothes similar to those worn by celebrities such as Kylie Minogue and Paris Hilton. The OC actress, Mischa Barton, had also launched her handbag collection in ASOS, while both Keira Knightley and Kylie Minogue have been spotted wearing an asos dress in London.

Keira Knightley wears ASOS Mina Lotus Puffball Sundress

Kylie Minogue wears ASOS Mina Striped Puffball Dress

** tfnc **

tfnc is a thriving business offering a complete wardrobe fix for the style-savvy chick. tfnc stands for "time for new clothes". tfnc clothes regularly feature in magazines like Grazia and OK. Their clothes have even appeared in TV shows - Jessica Stroup, who plays Erin Silver in 90210, wore a tfnc dress on the show.

Jessica Stroup wears tfnc dress as Erin Silver in 90210

...and those are just some of the brands offered on lilmisslondon.
can't wait to get them??
watch out for our next few posts :)

with love, lilmisslondon xoxo